Friday, 7 November 2014

Get upto 95% Referral Earning back to you

Get upto 95% 
Referral Earning 
back to you
From PTC Sites

Now you can earn more rather than before, isn`t it Awesome. Many users are earning from it and this is the best way to earn free amount of money which plus your earning, so, i have currently 43 users are working with me and they are getting 92% of their referral earning.

Consider if you earn 3 cents in one PTC site but if you register with 5 sites which means 15 cents per day and 1.50$ for tens days and 4.5$ per month which means i`ll give you 95% of it which is 4.23$ for free directly to your payment processor account and this is the serious way to earn free amount and also it will increase your earning and will help you to purchase additional equipment which will increase you income. 

From the first month, i will pay you in 80% of your referral earning per month and it will increasing on next month to 85% and so on to 90% on third month and after that it will increase to 1% every month and will stop to 95% which will be you great Achievement.

Well, all you need to do is to just click on below PTC Sites under my referral link and email me at with your NAME, Email Address, Payment Processor Email and Name of Payment Processor and name of PTC site you join with my referral link. Currently we are working with Payza and Paypal. 

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Note: if you signup all site so you must have same user name in all site.


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