Thursday, 9 April 2015

TaHMXY - Everything is Interesting

TaHMXY - Everything is Interesting

Tahmxy is a Forum this forum is revenue sharing forum and this will give benefit to all people who are members of this forum.

How to earn?
Earn Money,
You can earn money by posting on forum and when you post any thread or reply, you will certain amount of coins which later converted into cash after month.We pay 60% ads revenue to our members. and when month end, total amount of revenue which is earned by ads is calculated and divided into total coins which shows actual coin rate for the month. This means coins rate is depend on total amount of revenue and it could change in every month. 

Following are the details of coins which you can earn.

Posting a thread(minimum 30 characters)= 3 coins

Posting a reply(minimum 20 words)= 2 coins

Cashout your Earning.:

The minimum payout amount is 100 points which can be requested in between from 1 to 5 dates from every month and we will pay you within 2-3 Days.

Payment Processor:
We currently accept Paypal while payza will be available soon.

So what are you waiting for.. Join Now

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